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Mandarin Chinese

As some of you may know last year OCR removed their Mandarin asset languages qualification. Since then we have successfully applied to become a registered AQA exam centre. This means that we can provide our students with the chance to gain a formal qualification.

We will soon be preparing to submit our application to AQA for our students who would like to sit the ELC (Entry Level Certificate) and FCSE (Foundation Certificate of Secondary Education) Mandarin qualification. Please find attached documents detailing the specification for each and also the difference between the two qualifications.

We welcome all of our Year 1 to Year 8 students and also our adult students to take part in the qualification as we feel it is a good experience and also could provide you/them with  a qualification to recognise your/their achievements! For these qualifications we will have to limit applications to those in Year 1 upwards as we feel students need a degree of maturity to be able to tackle the content.

Please note both these qualifications are portfolio based and so have no formal examination date. Students portfolios will be built up in the class and they will undergo assessments during class time.

Click here to download Entry Level Certificate (ELC)

Click here to download Foundation Certificate of Secondary Education (FCSE)

Click here to download Modern Foreign Languages with AQA