The Friends of Hua Hsia Charity was re-instated at an EGM in November, 2007.

We offer activities related to Chinese culture for the benefit of those associated with Hua Hsia Chinese Tuition and, from time to time, to the wider public. Our aim is to provide awareness of our Chinese Culture & Heritage through staging our own events and exhibitions and by being involved in projects, put on by others, promoting our aim. Our target audience is mainly the young community.
One of our first big projects was undertaken in conjunction with the British Museum. The students took part in the talks at the Spring Festival and exhibition of the First Emperor on 9 February, 2008. Full details can be seen on the "Events Page" on the website. Since then the students have taken part in UKfcs Chinese Federation and achieved first prize.

We provide a platform for any event that enhances awareness of the Chinese way of life and heritage. We benefit greatly from the support of our highly dedicated trustees and volunteers/co-ordinators, our students and our community including people from all walks of life.
We are a non profit making institution and we believe that the projects we are involved with, or already have taken part in, have played a wider role in the community and helped public awareness about Chinese culture festivities and heritage. We believe it is an establishment to be proud of and a worthwhile cause to be associated with by anyone who is passionate to learn and to broaden their horizons of Chinese culture.

We have currently nominated and elected the following parents during the EGM.

Chairman and CEO
Annick Lam
Annie Ee
Steve Ng
Matt Prince, Kate Greener and Yu Chen Ardley