Hampstead timetable

Below is a list of classes available at our Hampstead site. Please get in touch if you have any queries.

Class Age Saturday 
1:00pm -    2:20pm
2:30pm -   3:50pm
10am - 11:50am
2:30pm - 4:20pm
Abacus Beginners 5-7 Yrs   (1:30-2:20pm)     (12:00-12:50pm)  
Abacus INTERM. 7-10 Yrs      ✔ (3:30-4:20pm)   (12:00-12:50pm)  
Abacus Advance 10-12 Yrs      ✔ (2:30-3:20pm)     (1:00-1:50pm)
Adult Beginner
Adult ✔(12:30-2:20pm) 
Adult Intermediate
Adult     ✔ (2:30-4:20pm)   
Adult Advance Adult ✔(12:30-2:20pm)        
Year 1 6+ Yrs   ✔(12:30-2:20pm)       
Year 2 7+ Yrs   ✔(12:30-2:20pm)   ✔ (2:30-4:20pm)    
Year 3 8+ Yrs           
Year 4 9+ Yrs     ✔ (2:30-4:20pm)    
Year 5 9+Yrs        
Foundation Yr1 5+ Yrs  ✔(12:30-2:20pm)       
Foundation Yr2 5+ Yrs    ✔ (2:30-4:20pm)   
Nursery 3-4 Yrs (12:30-2:20pm) (2:30-4:20pm)  
SUKA Year 2    (10:00-11:50pm)       
SUKA Year 3    (10:00-11:50pm)      
GCSE Year 1          
GCSE Year 2           
GCSE Year 3   (12:30-2:20pm)      
Cambridge Pre-U Year 1      


Cambridge Pre-U Year 2           
Advance Chinese         (12:30-2:20pm)  


Hampstead Location

Holy Trinity CE Primary School
Trinity Walk, (off Maresfield Gardens)
NW3 5SQ.

Parking is available on Maresfield Gardens