Baby Classes

Young children learn through play. Language needs to live into it. We believe it is essential to provide an opportunity for them to explore and experience language since young. That’s why we learn our mother language effortless. Therefore, our playgroup is carefully designed by our experienced early childhood teacher and it is the best way to start by attending a weekly basis program with us.

We comply with EYFS frame work; we ensure we provide quality care and education to them. We prepare a secure environment where children are happy with and feel comfortable. We treat them as individuals; we respect and appreciate each child’s difference in order to meet their full potential. We encourage children to express themselves confidently and socialize with others. We partner with parents, community and local authority to ensure children have a safe environment to learning.


Baby Class Programs details


Branch Course Date and Time
Hampstead Mandarin Playgroup 11:00-11:50am

All activities are using Mandarin to conduct. We incorporate the Chinese culture into our activities. We use a spiral concept to introduce different topics to our young students.

Circle Time: We have basic greeting, Chinese nursery rhymes and songs to build up their Mandarin vocabulary and listening skills.

Play sessions: Children will learn through our play activities such as drawing, art and craft, math, constructive games, imaginative play and physical activities (in both indoor and outdoor play-area).

Chinese characters recognition: We have a wide range of pictures, flashcards and games in Chinese characters. It helps young children to improve their memories and words recognition ability. Older children may have a chance to experience a simple writing.


Xiao Bao Le Yuan Age Group


– Mandarin Playgroup: 12 - 36 months (with parents)