Summer Camp 2017

Date:24th - 28th July 2017 (5 days)


Activities Outline:Chinese Kung-Fu, Lion Dance, Chinese Dancing, Chinese Brush Painting, Chinese Art Crafts, Calligraphy, Material Arts, Chinese Cookery, Chinese Rhymes and Songs and Abacus.

Price: £40 perday

Early Drop Off and Late Pick Up: Early Drop Off from 9am to 10am. Late Pick Up from 4pm to 5pm. £10/hr and £15/2hrs.


Early Bird Discount:

Early Bird Summer Camp Discount ends Friday 7th July 2017

Days Discount Price
4-5 days 20%  £32 per day
2-3 days 15%  £34 perday
1 day 10%   £36 perday



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This July, Hua Hsia provides a SPECIAL camp!!!

Do you want your child to learn Mandarin in a learning supportive environment?By joining Hua Hsia’s camp, your child will join Chinese culture and language classes taught by professional Chinese teachers.

Your children will participate in fun traditional activities and Chinese strategy games, such as The Camp will offer various activities to be a part of, such as Chinese brush painting, Ribbon dance, calligraphy, cookery workshops,Chinese shuttlecock,’  Kung-fu and Art Craft courses for children who are interested in attending. We will also provide traditional strategy games, for example, ‘XIANGQI’ (or Chinese Chess), ‘Five in a row’ and more. In this way, children interact with other learners. Also, there are numerous benefits in learning the games. Playing the strategy games not only improves concentration, logic, independent and critical thinking, but also develops problem solving skills.

Our experienced CRB teachers will guide children through an exploration of Chinese language and culture. Students will learn through the camps in a happy environment and build their interests towards learning Chinese, and most importantly they can experience the Chinese way of studying.


Please download application form(DOC) here.

Here you can download our flyer with all the information you need 


Check our 2014 summer camp video in youtube!

Cookery: The children were doing a great job making dumplings in the second week. 

Chinese Fan: There were different kinds of fans in ancient China, such as folding and round fan. In our previous summer camp, we taught pupils how to make folding fan, which is also known as the "head-gathering" style of fan. 

The children have been working hard making Chinese fan. 

In this week, children enjoyed learning Mandarin by doing pair-work. This helps children learning how to work with other fellows.

Lantern: In this week advanced class the children designing the decorations and put them on the Chinese lantern.


Why Summer Camp?

How we inspire and stimulate young minds?

We combine content, culture with Chinese language teaching to achieve the best learning outcome.